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May I ask a question?


If I were you I wouldn’t ask permission to ask a question, just ask the question ;p

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I Will ask immediatly the next time😁.

How many countries are in The schenken treaty?


West Germany

Correct?? May be wrong cause this is the first time i am hearing of this treaty


Oh, good Sir, that’s wrong. 22+4 countries are in the Schengen area which sums up the majority of the European continent excluding the UK and Ireland. Some Balkan states wanna join or are about to join in or have already partially opened borders.
If you are not living in the EU and requesting a (Schengen) visa you get access permit by one member state and get access to all other countries because there are no (regular) border controls anyways. (for all who wanna visit the European Union)


Those countries you are listing were the founding countries of the Schengen Agreement :slight_smile:


Alpha ist coorect


Let’s make you search a bit: We are searching a beach. This beach is somewhat similar to Maho Beach. A hint: Approaching onto Runway 09 at the adjacent airport will make you pass right over it. :blush:


Nai Yang Beach? (Source:


Yes :neutral_face:


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Maybe a bit too easy, but there is an airport in Belgium that is the number one seller of something… Which airport and what do they sell the most?


Hmm. All I know is that Brussels Airport sells a huge amount of chocolates. Could that be it?


You’re totally right! :smile:


Wow! I knew Brussels airport sold a lot of chocolates, but I never knew it was THAT much.


@Jasper, you’re next to challenge us! :smiley:


Veeryyy easy one.

Who was issued the world’s first pilot license??


William P. MacCracken, in 1927.


One European country seems to have a plethora of airports named after people, including (among others) three explorers, an astronomer and a film director. Which country is this?


Got to be Italy, surely?