FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


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Which Airport is below the sea?


Suvarnabhumi International Airport or New Bangkok International Airport of Thailand


Amsterdam airport Schiphol, -5 below NAP(the Dutch normal sea level)

  • Atyrau Airport, Kazakhstan -22m <= lowest international airport

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport -4m

  • Bar Yehuda Airfield -378m <= Lowest airport


Forgot to include the word “International”. Sorry. Guusje2 and pderuiter win


okay, what is the main difference between ICAO en IATA codes. i.e. what is their use?

and just for the fun of it, give me the airports for the following IATA codes:

  • BAM
  • BUM
  • CAT
  • DOG
  • FAT
  • SUX
  • SEX (totally SFW, this is an actual IATA code)


-icao is mainly used for air traffic control and flight plans, whereas the iata codes are mainly used on tickets and commercial airports. (atleast, thats what i think)

-battle mountain, Nevada, USA
-buttler, Missouri, USA
-cat Island, Bahamas
-Dongola, Sudan
-Fresno Yosemite Intl, California, USA
-Sioux city, Iowa, USA
-San Felix, Columbia

google helps a lot :joy:


Not surprising, Guusje is (mostly) correct :slight_smile:

SEX is not the IATA code for San Felix (SFX), but a bit closer to home


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Sembach, Germany??


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Nice list of IATA codes you got there :wink:
+1 for creativity


Ooh! Tough one! On AVERAGE, how often does an aircraft take off or land at Chicago O’ Hare International Airport?


O’Hare Airport serves an approximate average of 2,400 aircraft operations per day.

Didnt even have to open the site itself


What happens when - after a bird strike - the airport cannot discern the species of bird?


@pderuiter, I said how often on average is there an aircraft operation. Not how many per day. What is the average frequency of planes taking off and landing at ORD. Sorry if it confused you. :disappointed:


average frequency of planes taking off and landing

Frequency is actions/second.
@pderuiter said 2400 flights daily.
On calculation: 0.0277777778 flights/second.



Correct! Or rather there is an aircraft operation every 37 seconds. :grinning:
Sorry for the confusion, both are correct and can ask a question. :cry:


Oh lol… I was trying to crack a joke​:thinking:… and it proved out be the answer.:joy: