FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


I probably didn’t read correctly :wink:

My question is already posted:
What happens when - after a bird strike - the airport cannot discern the species of bird? In the USA i should say


They kill all species of birds that can potentially harm the engines near the airport. ???


Possibly, or they use a non-lethal method. But that’s not what i was talking about :slight_smile: They can do that with or without knowing the species.


They just mark it as ‘unidentified’? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, nope :slight_smile:


can i ask a question? :wink:


Wait your turn, we’re still solving the question from @pderuiter ! :stuck_out_tongue:

As answer on the question: They do a DNA analysis on the remains?


You’re getting closer… But who does this? Hint: Not the airport itself. They send it somewhere


They send it to the “Smithsonian Institution, Feather Identification Lab”



Correct. What is left of the bird gets sent to the Smithsonian, where they compare it to the specimens they have there.

All this, just so they have the correct species on their bird strike reports :slight_smile:


Quite a lot of work! But it seems to be important to know this so that they can take countermeasures. :slight_smile:

@gabbefromsweden you can ask your question now :wink:


whats the biggest airport in south swden not stockholm? :wink:


Göteborg-Landvetter Flygplats?


you got it right your turn now :relaxed:


tbh, i never knew Sweden had that many airports :slight_smile:

What airport has a dentist?


Wait, let me look in my german book


Hope this works:

Or in text: Hamburg


There actually seems to be a dentist in the Austin Airport, too.
:link: :smiley:


Airport dental is actually 7 miles from AUS, on airport blvd.


Umm, LaGuardia and JFK have a dentist too.