FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


Oh, look at that scam! … :rage:

I am pretty sure Frankfurt has a dentist, too. On the grounds of the airport. :cold_sweat:


Not to be rude, I don’t think this was a good question. :sob: It seems as if many airports have dentists.
However, it is interesting to see how many airports have dentists.


Lol i tend to agree with you.
It does make it an excellent question again because today i learned :wink:
I had the sao paulo airport


I am gonna ask one…
What caused American Airlines to save 40,000$ in 1987?


Did they choose not to paint their whole fuselage, thus saving money on paint and fuel?


they stopped putting magazines in airplanes?


Aircraft are painted because it protects the skin from the elements, so that probably wouldn’t save money compared to the increased maintenance costs…


I was under the impression that AA specifically didn’t paint their aircraft entirely (hence they looked like bare metal), I presume they must have treated the fuselage in some way to prevent damage. There’s a few sentences about it on the American Airlines Wikipedia article (I can’t link it just now as I’m on a rail replacement bus service but I’ll try and add a link if/when I get home).

That said, now that I’ve seen the article I don’t think this was as late as 1987 so it’s probably not right anyway.


No, No, and No. Tough, huh? :smiling_imp:


Looked it up. They eliminated 1 olive from each salad served


Interesting way of saving money, lol.


More fun: AA thinks they can save $1.2M on fuel… by removing the pilot manual books and putting them on iPads…


what base is a ballistic missile test site and missile range in the Hawaiian islands. sorryif its simple


Barking Sands.

On the topic of military: What airport shares its runway with a military installation, where spy planes were produced


Area 51?? The most famous airbase.


Its famous, but afaik it doesnt share a runway with a civilian airport


It actually does, if you consider JANET using McCarran Las Vegas Airport, taking the employees from McCarran to Groom Lake.


Ok, both were correct. They saved 40 grand by removing 1 olive from each class served in first class. And the second thing @pderuiter gave is right too! Good luck with that AA… :unamused:


I was talking about plant 42… :slight_smile:


Barking sands also @NastyGamer said on the hawaiian islands