FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


Does anyone else want to ask a question? I just love seeing and learning all these things about aviation.


What airport has a runaway With a city road going through it where the road has to close every time a flight takes off or lands


I like how I try to create this on the infinite flight forum yet get shut down immediately because of their bs class system


Gibraltar. Just crazy watching it


Yes it IS Gibraltar and I know insane


Barra Airport is also an Airport I really would love to land on:


Can you even call that an airport :stuck_out_tongue:


Only half of the day…the other half the runway is usef as swimming area :stuck_out_tongue:


I said a road went through and this question was already awnsered


I know :slight_smile: This airport just came to my mind when you asked for such an unusual airport :wink:


Looked at pictures of both of them… Quite unusual! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the landings at…what was it…st maarten i believe…straight over a beach at 10 meters. People standing on the beach getting sandblasted / blown away


I think the devs are filming the video


Trying to revive this topic…
An easy one: What airport does this photo relate to?


@trifirew that would be Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong


Correct. Now it’s your turn to ask.


Ok, less airport, more aircraft question.
Approximately how many parts are there in a Boeing 747?


I remember watching a British Airways, D check for the Boeing 747 documentary. They said, there is over 5 million parts, I would have to watch it again though.


Sorry, I need to correct myself. During the beginning the person said six million parts.


Yeah true… I watched the 747-8 design documentary and even it said 6million… But i doubt that it will be more (cause even 747-400 had 6million parts).