FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


Yes, it would have to depend on the model.


Sorry for late reply, over 6 millions parts is correct!


So we’re waitning for your question Gleeson_19


Just wanna say, shouldn’t necessarily be the person who is correct who has to ask the next question because it means only people who have questions can answer questions.

Open the floor! Anybody with a question can ask one as long as there isn’t a question in progress? Much more fair!


Okey. About wich situation tells the joke that “every Airbus has flown by Boeing” (Actually it was up to 1994) Made in Google translate. May contain errors.


Has it occured to you guys that the person who came up with this was @Colorado1, and I am the only one who liked his first post, that started this topic?:wink::sweat_smile:


Hmm tricky, I was going to say because of the Beluga which was introduced in 1994. But before the introduction of the beluga they used a supper guppy for transporting parts. The super guppy is of course based on the B377 strato cruiser but the development and production of the super guppy was done by aerospace lines and Airbus… :thinking:


Aviation history question;

What significant event happened in aviation history on October 14th 1947?


U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager becomes the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound.


Correct. :grin:


What was the type of aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb?


I think your right. Modified B377 Stratocruiser was used by Airbus to transport theirs airplanes parts up to 1994. Actually, pilots who have came up with this joke weare’tt very precisely, but the situation where the enemy uses the opponent’s plane to construckt his own is really bizarre. Made in Google Translate. May contain erroers.


Boeing B-29 Superfortress “Enola Gay”


Is everyone okay with it if I rename this discussion to ‘FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!’? :slight_smile: Gives us some more possible questions ;)…


Go for it.


Sure! Would be great!


What is the development of the shortcut BUFF (nickname for B-52). Made in Google translate. May containe errors.


Big Ugly Flying Fellow!!


And that is a … correct answer ! :slight_smile: Now you can ask your question.


I’m not very good at asking questions but oh well, what was so special about one of the airframes involved in the worst aviation accident in history?