FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


More like utopia documentaries because Beijing always has been a larger airport than Dubai in terms of PAX. :confused:

Ask your question, next fast person! - gives out free ticket -


What airline is introducing a new color to its uniforms for the first time since 2006, and what color is it?


Um, lets think. :confused: No clue. :wink:


It’s actually very simple, and happened recently.


Air Canada?


American Airlines


Delta, making its uniforms Purple.

Edit: No, Air Canada, going to a more retro look (Delta is doing it too but Air Canada is more recent.)


It actually was Delta! They decided to add a rich plum to their colors.


Really? I thought it was air canada because that was far more recent.


I said it happened recently, not that it was most recent. The date should have helped though.


Ok, got confused there for a bit. :confused:

New question, what is the second oldest airline still operating today? We know KLM is the oldest, but who is second? :wink:


If we are talking about the second oldest still operational airline that will be Avianca


Yes, it is Avianca. I actually got confused for a sec because I was thinking about the oldest airline that still has its original name, which is Qantas. :slight_smile:


This should be an easy question so I can revive this game.

What was the name of the the American Airline that was recently was acquired by another American airline?
A hint: Sir Richard Branson was that airline’s CEO.


Virgin America


Correct, your turn.


If you don’t mind I’ll try and revive this.
I am an airport.
I was built near the sea.
I was built on ancient Roman ruins.
Which airport am I?



Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino intl. Airport


I am looking for more of these :grinning: