FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


incorrect, I can give more clues if people want them.


Venice Marco Polo?


Incorrect, the airport is not in Italy.


Well, this is the map with all ancient Roman sites and ruins, so you’re not making it easy! :stuck_out_tongue:


One of those pins is very close. I think it might be on top


Pulkovo, St. Petersburg? this isn’t easy


Nope, do you guys need another clue?


At least I do


The airport had a Speedbird emergency landing at some point in it’s career.


the only one I could find that could barely be close to the sea is Southampton airport.


That is correct!!!



Ok, here comes my question, not so difficult: there’s the most remote airport in the world, thousands of kms away from any other airport, which is serviced by only one huge airline, that resulted form a fairly recent merge between two major airlines. What were the names of the merged airlines?


Lan Airlines and TAM airlines. They have now formed LATAM.


you are correct!!


That took about 10 minutes to find, my question is…
Which airline buys the most caviar each year?


That has already been asked. Try a new question


I asked that, and it is Lufthansa. Also they are the largest buyer in the world.

What US airline began as a crop-dusting company?


I knew I read it somewhere, I’ll take another shot.
Which UK airport was open for only 41 years before being closed, mainly due to lack of room for expansion?


Delta, thy began crop dusting in Louisiana.
My question is above.


Croydon airport?