FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


Delta is right. :slight_smile:


Not the one Im thinking of




Incorrect, keep trying.


Hendon Croydon and Biggin spring to mind but none of them are exactly 41 years


Nope, I can get another clue though


go on…

(Needs ten characters)


Ok, the only runway was one of the last commercial grass runways in the country.


This sounds awfully familiar to Portsmouth Airport (Portsmouth Worldwide Airport/Portsmouth City Airport, whatever people tend to call it :slight_smile: ) , isn’t it?


It sounds awfuly similar because it is! You ate correct and it’s your turn!


Let’s give this one a try.

Which airlines did use Rolls-Royce RB211 powered engines for their 767’s? (3 total)


Would it be:
-British Airways
-China Yunnan
-QANTAS (acquired some of BA’s old 767s)

Totally knew this off by heart!
(What do you mean I didn’t?)


I am not going to argue you over that :stuck_out_tongue: , but it is correct :slight_smile:


I guess it’s my turn…
Which airport has the lowest elevation in the world?


Has the lowest elevation I now off.


Already been asked, already been answered.

Try another question :pensive:


That is sad…:cry:

Oh well.
What is the shortest runway in the UK with ILS?


What airport is reffered to as the gateway for the pacific rim


Gaylord Regional Airport? I’ve heard they like a bit of pacific rim if you catch my drift.


Let’s not go there… :slight_smile: We have people of all ages browsing this forum