FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


so Vanderlande?


yeah, you’re right.


From what I know there are only 2 big baggage belt companies that are based in the Netherlands.


I had never heard of the other one. in the small village where I live, we have like 30 people working at Vanderlande


yay economics


VDL is quite big in the region.


A revive to this topic: Name the highest airport in the USA by elevation in feet.


Lake county airport


Yay, for all of the airports in Colorado, including the one that has commercial service.


@HAL9000 says this has to be 10 characters, so now I can finally say this is correct.


So what is the coldest airport?


An Antarctic base


As you can expect, it’s in Siberia. Yakutsk Airport.


Cold as in what exactly? Temperature? Warmth of service?


You are correct :slight_smile:

@ReV0LT you’re making me curious. Let’s say it was about service… :slight_smile:


That could still be broken down. What kind of service? Overall service? ATC service? Ground crew service? (Transportation service, i.e. bus service)?


I have a sort of weird one. Which airport is this and why are there so many Emirates A380s on the ground at once? (Clarification: This is a regular sight, not a one off occurrence/event).



Auckland. They want to fly 2000 passengers a day. Since it’s such long distances they use the 777 with 266 passengers. So they would need 8 to fulfill their quotum.


Atc service would be New York? Aside from Kennedy Steve i here they’re not too friendly


Correct! So 3 of them I know all connect via one of the major Australian eastern seaboard capitals: I.e. Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney :slight_smile: it’s kinda crazy really but fascinating!