FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


Hmm… i wonder if it’s due to internal management obligations, or contractual obligation with the airport.

On the point of ATC, I wouldn’t know, since I’m not really affiliated or have close connections to ATC, though I have read that both MAD and EZE are very bad.

If New York as in La Guardia, I somehow suspect its’ quite true, but I think there are worse in more rural areas of USA.


I suggest youtube. Look for kennedy steve. He’s atc at new york kennedy. He’s hilarious at times. If you look further you might find kennedy jack. He’s… Well, listen for yourself:)


Wasn’t this in the Wendover video somebody posted in another thread? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t the coldest airport depend on what time of year it is?


Unless an airport is coldest year round:)


Or the time of asking. You could’ve been asking for the exact coldest airport at that exact moment in time!


It is said that even during summer, in Yakutsk airport planes need deicing, so I’d think it’s most likely the coldest year round.


Here’s my question: Houston had a huge problem with passengers complaining about long waiting times for their baggage. How did they solve that problem?


So this is what I found in NYT:

“So the airport decided on a new approach: instead of reducing wait times, it moved the arrival gates away from the main terminal and routed bags to the outermost carousel. Passengers now had to walk six times longer to get their bags. Complaints dropped to near zero.”


I think this is also what is implemented in my local airport, but they do still make the process improvement.


That is correct. I found that funny and outrageous at the same time haha


Can you find out where I was in my last holidays? :thinking:

Can’t wait to play ACEO :smiley:




What about here?

A well known airport, but not necessarily from this view…
Luckily for my holiday, the weather was slightly nicer…




My guess is that it is an Airport? :smirk:


Have people guess airports in what airport am I (too lazy for a link)


@pderuiter and @LordChicken - you are both correct!

Although I have to give slightly more credit to @pderuiter


@PigScroll The name of the file might have helped?


Don’t give any credit to @pderuiter… Give it all to the technicians at Google for their reverse image search program :wink:


Will you just give me credit for my google fu? Party pooper:p