FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


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Which US airport has the second-most international flights?


Miami? It has it for passengers.


Correct. I meant for passengers. :slight_smile:


Where am I now?


Zurich ?


Correct! :grinning:


Isn’t Scandinavian Airlines technically the oldest airline? DDL - Det Danske Luftfartsselskab, got established on 29th october 1918 and merged with the Swedish and Norwegian national airlines in 1948 in order to form Scandinavian Airlines. So it is technically still a operating airline.


I always thought it was klm, but yeah your right!


This is debatable :slight_smile: KLM is still under its own name, but meh


What is the world’s youngest commercial airline?


Are we counting the endless companies with one cessna that shuttle people?




Commercial airlines as in large passenger jets that are for scheduled flights.


This will be quite easy to be answered, so here goes.

When you’re flying from SEA, what are the three kinds of foods discouraged from being brought into a flight?

Bonus: Which airport actually prohibit you from eating a type of nut native to this region? Hint: The airport is in SEA.


Well, this is actually interesting, 6 days in and no one managed to answer.

So just to put it out (and give some trivia)
Three discouraged foods:

  1. Durian: this is not much of a surprise, even a triple-vacuum seal sometimes can’t stop the smell from leaking.
  2. Shrimp Paste: usually used in many kinds of foods in SEA and China.
  3. Dried Fish/Picked Fish: luckily our pickled fish is unlike surstromming.

Bonus: Sentani International Airport prohibits consumption of betel nuts, do the poor custom of the local population of spitting the residue on ground, which somehow makes foreign travelers feel less welcome.


Yeah, i tried to find the answer but didn’t. I didn’t even know what Durian was before now.


Revered in Southeast Asia as the “king of fruits,” durian is relatively unknown in the United States. Famed naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (who, like Darwin, independently discovered the theory of natural selection) described its flesh as “a rich custard highly flavoured with almonds.” This large fruit can be recognized by its thorn-covered husk and pungent odor, which has been likened to the smell of gym socks or rotten onions. That may not sound appetizing, but for those who enjoy it, the smell is worth the taste.


Now there is a really fun job…


This thread is getting revived:
Which northeastern USA airport uses only Embraer jets?

Hint: I believe Watertown Int’l also is all ERJ 140s, but that is not the answer. Also, it is served by 2 carriers.