FORUM GAME: What airline am I thinking of?


Just another idea for a forum game, the rules here are fairly simple.

Rule 1: Must be a big enough airline that a decent amount of people have heard of it.

Rule 2: Please use no less than 2 clues.

Rule 3: You may only do a new round if the one before you is finished.

Ok, here is mine.

Hint 1: This airline is based in North America.

Hint 2: It is a low-cost airline

Hint 3: It is no-frills, just a seat, and you pay for all things.

Any guesses?


Southwest Airlines?


Let me get started, Southwest, Westjet, Sunwings, JetBlue, Spirit, Sun County, Frontier? I have to be close.

For real though, I like the idea of the game, but more specific tips or some more make this game even more enjoyable.


Can’t be Southwest, they still give you checked bags for free.

For completeness, I’ll list Interjet and Volaris here, though I suspect “North America” should really have been “USA.”

And yeah, I’d suggest Rule 4: Clues must be sufficient to result in only one answer.


Definitely sounds like Spirit.


Yup, it is Spirit. :disappointed:


Must be a big enough airline that a decent amount of people have heard of it.

This rule should be struck off. There are too less famous airlines. And also how am I supposed to know if you all have heard of it.


You are right. This rule could be changed as “Must have international destinations”. With that small, country airlines with Cessnas are eliminated.


Does the Westray to Papa Westray flight count as an international destination. I’d imagine a lot of people here will have heard of it but it uses a BN-2 Islander which isn’t very big


I did not say ALL, I said a decent number. So while I would not like something tiny like OneJet, (anyone heard of it?) I also think something like British Airways is a bit too easy too.

Edit: Any people with ideas for a new round?


I have one, give me 5 mins and i’ll post it!


Those are long minutes mate.


Hint 1) Known for their stylish flying.
Hint 2) Based on the west coast.


Virgin America? What country is it on the west coast of?


You actually got that one! XD It was the west coast of USA.


Hint 1: This airline is named after a state of the U.S.
Hint 2: The airline is based in the Pacific Northwest


What’s the airline?


Alaska Airlines

  1. Airline based around the pacific

  2. Most other major airlines in the area won’t use their ‘hub’ airport due to the state of the runway

  3. The best place on earth to go on a romantic holiday


air vanuatu???