FORUM GAME: What airline am I thinking of?


Hint 1: It’s a bird
Hint 2: Everyone smiles at its hub :grinning:


That’s NOK AIR

  1. Very old airline

  2. Blue livery

  3. Based somewhere in Europe.


CLM :slight_smile: No KLM!

  1. Based in Spain.

  2. Named like a continent.


Air Europa. of course… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok let me try this, its` nickname is a bird, it is based in europe and it is one of the biggest airlines in the world.


bingo, correct


Airline Condor


Right country, wrong airline, only the nickname is a bird


lufthansa :wink:


There we go, thats a 100% correct answer

  1. Based in Australia
  2. Velocity
  3. 50 destinations


Virgin Australia!


Quick and correct


This airline has direct flights into Ho Chi Minh City and Houston from its home base
This airline was the first purchaser of the 787-9
This airline was the first airline to perform a flight using a mix of jet and bio fuel


Air New Zealand :grin:


Correct! Would be great to see the Air NZ livery in the game at some point!


I have requested it on the proposed realism mod (Community Realism Mod) so hopefully we will see it!


I don’t think there is a current game going, so I’ll give it a go.

  1. Northern European regional airline
  2. Operates a fully turboprop fleet, currently, but will introduce new jets in 2018.
  3. Flies to two destinations in the UK