FORUM GAME: What airline am I thinking of?


Is it Widerøe? :wink:


Sorry for the late response!

  1. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois
  2. Beats up passengers


United Airlines? The beat up passengers gave it away :joy:


Correct :joy::joy:


Yes it is KLM, sorry for the late reply!


Air New Zealand wasn’t the first airline to perform a flight by using a mix of jet and biofuel. The First airliner with biofuel/jet was a demonstrated flight performed by Virgin Atlantic between Amsterdam and London. The first commercial flight was done by KLM from Amsterdam to Paris.


Let’s move away from the Major airlines. Who can guess this one?

  1. Part of the name is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique.
  2. It flies a combined fleet of Airbus 320’s and 737’s.
  3. An Airline flying in a country with tough challenges and records say so,


That would be Batik Air. Am I right?


You are Correct :slight_smile:


Let’s find an airline which…

  • had a name’s sake in South America
  • was the first of “its kind” to operate Boeing 747
  • has three sister airlines which bear the exact same livery except for one “big detail”
  • they have been recently expanding in the United States (= they’re not US-American)

Hopefully those clues are getting you on route. :smiley:


That’s Correct.


Too hard I guess? :confused:

  • It’s original colors and recently returned to it: Yellow !? :confused:
  • named after a bird :confused:


Yellow and bird? I don’t know many airlines and the only one I know is Condor. But I don’t know if they changed their colors or expanded in America. Is it Condor?


It is indeed Condor.

They went from the original yellow followed by the Thomas Cook blue livery and now they have adopted the new TOC livery which is back to the yellow (and grey/silver).

They were the first operator of the Boeing 747 with two -230B in the charter and holiday sector.

The sister airlines are all called Thomas Cook Airlines (UK, Scandinavia and Belgium) and all bear the Thomas Cook name on their sides but Condor kept its own name.

They have been recently expanding a lot in the USA by adding for example Baltimore (BWI), New Orleans (MSY) and Seattle (SEA). The newest one will be Pittsburgh (PIT) tomorrow.



Here’s another:
-Northern European regional airline
-Uses both jets and turboprops
-The actual company name is Air Kilroe Limited


Eastern airlines


Correct - although the actual name is Eastern Airways (although technically that’s a bit picky!).
It may have been quite easy so I’m sorry!