Forum to be migrated on Thursday November 8 10:00 CET [Migration Complete!]


Good day everyone! :computer_mouse: :computer_mouse: :computer_mouse: :computer_mouse:

The Forum will on Thursday, 8th of November, 10:00 CET be temporarily brought offline as it will be migrated to a new host. This is in line with our efforts to reduce the loading time for users connecting from “far away places” (in relation to the host location) such as parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Once the transition is complete we expect the loading time to be reduced and over time reduced as we have more tools at our disposal with this new host.

At 10:00 the Forum will be placed in a read-only state and still enabled for browsing, however no posts can be made and users will note be able to log in. The migration will not affect the website(s), as they will be migrated in early December instead.

It’s difficult to estimate how long the service window will last, but we expect it to do so for at minimum one hour and at maximum six. The Forum will be brought back gradually and as we configure settings and work out any potential migration bugs, service might be interrupted causing the connection to drop. We therefore recommend avoid posting anything until we’ve officially declared the Forum to be back and fully operational.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! :robot:


Hello all, just a quick reminder that this is still on schedule and that any post made after the migration start time might not make it to the next host. The forum will go into read-only mode shortly after the migration to prevent any mishaps but I thought I’d just remind you here.


Good luck HAL. Don’t forget to close the pod bay doors.


Migration process starts now.




Hello! We’re back once again and most likely way more stable than ever. We’re now located in Paris on a ridiculously overpowered forum-only VPS courtesy of AWS. Will be monitoring stability throughout the day but I suspect there will be no issues (obligatory famous last words). Will also keep an eye on network performance so if we have any CEOs with us connecting from Australia or New Zealand I’d be happy to hear about your experience.


Hurray. @Rubble how is it? :wink:


It does seem snappier.


If we have any future performance issues it’s definitely not due to either the VPS bandwidth or the VPS specs (16 GB RAM, four CPU cores, SSD disk and so forth) but to the distance itself. We may need to put a caching solution in front of the forum that can be localized to various continent is the speed is still bothering people.


I am logging in from New Zealand and it seems faster(could be wrong).


All right, interesting. I know that the Forum historically hasn’t been as bad as the website(s), but that will get fixed come December as well.

Does it feel slow to browse the forum? Or is the speed “acceptable”?


I have tried it on tablet and smartphone, it is running much more stable so far :+1::kissing_heart:


For me it does not feel slow at all.


It is notibally snappier and more responsive overall I’ve experienced. Every aspect.


I think it is fast :slight_smile: Very acceptable.
I’m located in Denmark.


How to cache your website efficient ;).


WOW!!! I don’t have to wait for pages to load anymore. Thanks guys. This is a huge improvement!

I’m in AUS by the way.


Yeah, exactly, will probably stick that in front when the new websites go live.

Great to hear! Then it’s just the websites left and the game itself that needs to be sped up… :wink: