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Pictures and emojis don’t load for me. Idk why

Give it time, the index is still rebuilding. I’m hit and miss with images too but if I click in it it shows.

Ok. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dang it, more good logos are going through for the contest, could you reactivate the Migration please. :joy: :crazy_face: JK


Looks like all pictures have come back by now right?

i think so

Not all of them the emotes are still broken

They work for me… can you try reloading the forum through STRG + F5? (if you use a Mac it might be different keys)


It should be ctrl in english

It might be that @HAL9000 prioritized the images and will now handle emojis over time. We’ve posted a looot of emjois through the years…

OK ya its the emojis that are still broken