Found typos in a email

Hey, as I started a new game I found two typos in one email.

The first one is defiantly wrong (should be “be”), but I don’t know about the second one… What’s the problem? Its worded weird, but I don’t see a problem

The first one I see, should be " your airport will most likely be" not by. As you say.
And if I keep reading, it should say " and take a large security rating dip" Not Dock? as it says now.

No, I think it is meant to mean docking points. Like docking (removing) points from a score.

Ahh i see :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe could be. That’s definitely a new phrase for me then :slight_smile:

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We agree that it might be confusing and have altered the phrasing a bit! :slight_smile: