Franchise contracts too short

Franchise contacts end too soon


The franchise contracts have to be renewed too many times if there is a lot of customers/passengers. It would be better if the shops and restaurants quit the contract in case of the business isn’t going well at that location. In case of success, the company should keep the contract. The companies should check the sales maybe every other day or so.

Why it should be implemented:

More realistic and not so complex franchise management.

I agree, and also it’s frustrating when a contract completes and suddenly the shop is closed in the middle of everything. They should ask if you want to renew/extend the contract.


Completely agree with you.

Totalement d’accord avec toi.

Totally agree with you.

Also, when the notification comes that the contract has been completed, it would be nice if we could see which shop or cafe it was. Especially on larger airports with multiple floors it’s pretty hard to find out which one has to renew


Another one here wanting the ‘Franchise’ system to be revamped. At the moment, the franchise ends when the number of transactions is completed, or the time elapses, whichever is first. The contract is signed for a certain period, and should be in effect for the whole duration. If the number of transactons is achieved, then any additional transactions are a bonus and is in effect a ‘win’. If the number of transactions is not achieved, the contract ends, any penalties are paid and then the shop/cafe is up for another contract, this is a ‘loss’.

I notice that in Alpha 35 that the franchise opening hours are set (4am to midnight), so it would be helpful if, once the contract is signed, it takes effect at start of business the following day, the duration is for whole days, and will therefore end at close of business on the last day. This will prevent the current state of a contract suddenly ending in the middle of the day while there are a whole load of waiting PAX, disappointing them and lowering customer satisfaction.

I also think that the higher star contracts give too much money. In reality a bigger business would not pay you more a larger cut of their profits. It is also far too easy to make money after getting a few high star contracts. They should reduce the cut they pay the airport.