Freight or DHL HUB

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Airport as a Hub for Freight or DHL


I’d love to have these features like a Hub for Freight or DHL or other Companies, to have a wider range of possibilities to build your airport. Maybe put quests up for that, signing new contracts, etc. Even Hangars for Airplanes could be involved, new cars, Companies, streets

Why it should be implemented:

Maybe not everyone wants to play just with passengers. It should be implemented, because nearly every big airport I know has these features.

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Cargo flights have already been suggested

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Oh yes I would love to see this feature implemented! Can’t wait to build my own DHL Hub. :star_struck:

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There are indeed already some other entries here, here and here

AFAIK the devs will take the votes on similar requests and add them up, but to keep the feature request list ‘clean and simple’ and make it easier for people to decide where to give their vote to, it’s better to not overflow with the same requests.

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There are some freighter planes in the workshop as a fun way to start.

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