Fuel Deliveries and Refueling Trucks

  1. I have noticed when I need a fuel delivery two of the yellow fuel redelivery trucks are always sent, even though only one is needed. The second one drives to the fuel depot, does nothing and then leaves. Fuel depot is large 20,0000 and contract is Nature Fuel with 20,0000 per delivery so not sure why the second redelivery truck is being sent.

  2. I have noticed several times if a fuel truck is refuelling an aircraft but runs out of fuel while doing so, no fuel truck will revisit the aircraft to finish refueling the plane. It also seems like the 757s need more fuel than the largest refuel trucks can hold. The solution would be to only send fuel trucks to aircraft if they have enough fuel to fully refuel it, or send a second truck to finish refueling, and also to fill up the fuel trucks before they are completely empty (say less than 20% fuel remaining?).


Yes I have noticed these things too. I had four fuel trucks turn up to refuel the depot on occasion. Bug report it like I’ve done. The more they get the earlier it will be looked at.

Also agree about the lack of fueling if a truck runs dry midway. Perhaps the fuel trucks should check they have enough fuel on-board before refuelling a plane?


Souns like something to add to https://trello.com/c/UD0fbY6j/2308-aceo-7084-overhaul-job-task-system-to-dispatch-jobs-instead-of-recieveing-requests


Let me duplicate my previous thoughts here;

  • The % where refueling is based on, only accounts for the base depot, not for the extra tanks, it would be better if emptiness would be calculated on the total amount of storage.

  • We should have a slider on what level we want to order a refuel for our depots.


If you’re talking about refueling of the depot itself, in my experience this already got changed. In my experience percentage for calling the fuel supplier is already calculated from the total amount a depot can hold with it’s additional tanks attached, while in earlier times only the depot itself without tanks was considered.


Here I had the problem, the yellow truck even doesn’t go to the depot anymore, so my airport dries out. I tried to send a bug report but the bug report didn’t respont anymore…


This is sometimes caused by having 2 checkpoints for 2 seperated parts of the airfield. Could that be the case with you?


@Bart can you show us your airport with wide angle screenshot?