Fuel resupply sliders not functioning


Dragging “Resupply-at” or “max supply” doesn’t work; if the Resupply at is not 0; clicking on it makes it 0.

When the depot is currently awaiting fuel delivery (and that’s what it says on your picture) the sliders won’t be working. It was confirmed to be working as intended in one of the threads. The sliders will be working again after refueling, when the depot isn’t awaiting delivery.

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This isn’t draggable either:

Or is it only when none of the depots at the airport are awaiting resupply? (EDIT: still nope)

Which version of the game are you on? This has been addressed by the devs and is solved on the experimental branch:

Experimental branch, 34.6.2.

[ACEO-24093] is now fixed as a part of -3.

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Great! :smiley: