Future DLC

Loving the game so far and there are multiple areas I would love to suggest to branch the game out to, but realistically I would prefer the core game finished and released.

What are people’s views on DLCs or stuff packs for the game in order to keep having the game supported post release and giving some additional income streams to the devs.

I would love to see an expansion in the future focused on General aviation so that we could build small airports that might have the occasional commercial flight, but are financially viable as GA only. Incorporating things like flight schools, which can be contracted, private business jets, hangar storage (where you can rent space out for income) aircraft maintenance, ATC schools etc.

Also with the commercial aspect not being just signing a contract but you have to attract them to offer it to you instead?

It’s too early to talk about DLC, but the number 1 expansion would probably be a Cargo DLC. This has been requested sooooo many times, and if I remember correctly, the devs said it is possible in the far future. (Definitely not confirmed though). I agree that a GA DLC would be very nice too.


I think there could be a transit dlcs. Or as people have said maybe some sorta flight school one.