Future of American planes


Hello, thank you for reading this. I’m going to tell you planes that will come and go in the future for Jetblue, American, United, and Delta. Note, this is wikipedia information so it might not be right. Let’s start with Jetblue. They will retire the e190ar in 2020. But, they will receive new planes like the a220, a321neo, and a320neo will come in 2020. For Delta, we will soon no longer see the md90, md88, 767-300, and 757. But, they will receive new planes such as the a350-900, a330-900neo, a321neo, and a220. Delta will be the very first a350 operator in the USA. Now lets talk about United. Some of the aircraft that will retire are the 777-200 and 757. The new planes will be the a350-900, 737max9, 737max10, and 787-10. Our final airline will be American Airlines. The aircraft that will retire are the md82, md82, e190, and 757-200. The new aircraft will be the a321neo, 787-9, and 737max8. Leave thoughts in the replies section down below. :point_down:


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I believe that if Boeing launches the NMA. the 757 would soon be retired

although after the failure of the 757 on other continents is the few purchases of the 767-200 they did not launch the NMA and fact of the NMA become competitor of the 737-10MAX as was the 737-900ER against the 757-200ER


Interesting, I’m ready for the neo planes.