Game crashes when loading airport

Hey. My game crashes when loading in a saved game when reaching the “Nearly there…” part. I played all day yesterday and it worked flawlessly all day yesterday, no crashes or anything but now I can’t even load into my airport anymore.

I can’t submit a bug report in-game since I can’t load into my airport. So if you need my save or anything else, please tell me how to get them manually.

I did, however, publish a bug report sometime in the evening yesterday (CET time) regarding objects becoming turning invisible although I had extended my airport quite a bit further since that bug report as i believe it was sent in maybe 1-2 hours before my final save and me stop playing for the day. Don’t remember the bug report id sorry.

What type of crash did you get: a unity crash screen or a ‘program stopped responding’ crash?

Game just literally shut down. 1 second im in the game, the next I’m on my desktop. Just tried it on my laptop, same thing

I found out how to get my save manually. Here it is:

Can you drop us the save in a .zip file to


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His gamedata.json appeared to be empty. I’ve made a newsavegame and copied all the other files from the old one. It’s on discord now.

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Thanks, I can see that your GameData.json file is unfortunately corrupted. How old is the save? What game version did you start the save with? I assume you’re playing on the latest Alpha 34.6-0 now?

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