Game is unplayable now

Used to absolutely love this game. Hipe someday soon all that needs to be fixed is really fixed.

When I get move than about 500 people in the airport, the game is unplayable. Drops to 0 frame rate and cant see movement, taxis drive in water, trucks drive on wrong side of road causing backups and jams.

Dont know whats going on since about v1-12 or 11 but I cant play this game any more.

New macbook pro 16 - so no problem there

I hope you guys can fix it soon.


Does this affect any map you start or only a specific map?
I would check the terminal overlay (Z-key) and check if there are broken zones which could be removed.

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Yeah I think no-fun is on it here, sounds like there’s some form of design discrepancy in a terminal that is causing a notable performance overhead on the airport, meaning that you have stranded passengers somewhere that are performing extremely complex pathfinding clogging up the system.

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