Game lags every ~10 seconds


I started playing ACEO this week after a while of downtime.

I have switched computers a few times in the last year because of my job, and on my current rig I get lag spikes every ~10 seconds once my airport reaches ~1000 pax. I have not experienced this before on any other machine.

UPDATE: I also get this behavior in an all-GA airport once enough flights get going. So it does not appear to be a terminal design or pax issue.

I have a 2019 Mac Pro. It is complete overkill, and I know it is not a “gaming machine,” but I am wondering if this is a hardware-related bug.

I have tried tinkering with the graphics settings to no avail, so I do not think it is graphics related. Beyond that I have no ideas.

Specs are:

3.3 GHz Xeon W-3235 (12-core)
AMD Radeon Pro W5700X (16 GB GDDR6)

I should note that the game plays fine besides this. It’s like it hiccups every ~10 seconds. I have played some other casual games (ATS for instance) without any problems.

Devs, any ideas? I’m happy to submit a bug report if it’d be helpful.

Sounds to me like you have a stuck agent somewhere, or some type very complex layout that causes path-finding overhead. Can you post a few screenshots here of that GA airport that also get this lag spike? I assume you are not on the latest experimental version?

yeah, I have this experience too, up to your answer, is it mean that if I have a complex layout that makes passenger’s track more difficult or there are many objects inside the map will make it lag? and how can I know whether an agent stuck somewhere. please help me. I love this game so much, but that lag problem makes me annoyed

More simulation happening in the airport, i.e. more passengers, staff, vehicles, aircraft, objects placed and so forth will add up to more performance degradation, yes. The more things you have happening in the game the more things there are to calculate.

You can detect passengers by using the passenger heat map overlay! It’ll show you every location around the airport where you have at least one passenger.