Game Over - sorry guys!

hello! I need to say something to you guys… and I am really sorry but I need to:

I am playing this game since 09.2017 and I am in huuugee disappointment.
I played nearly 70 hours and I am so sad for this 70 hours because this game is still unplayable. I feel very bad… I liked this game very much but still after 2 years how did you do this? your rival “simairport” passed you in every way and finally I bought that game…

you managed this “early release” section very badly and maybe you understand wrong that what is the meaning of “early release”…

literally I feel like you stole my 70 hours… and I am deleting your game forever… you are one of the worst game developers to my side…

sorry for writing this and sorry for my English…

If you really thought it was that bad why did you put in 70 hours. Also if you are going to bother posting you should really do it with something constructive and explain your issues with it.


In which way SA is better? :wink: Also why waste time writing this, if you hate on this game so much? Does SA have turnaround services? Remote stands? Graphics look way more arcade, games have same theme but gameplay is way different, SA does everything very quickly, but not as HIGH quality as ACEO does. On my opinion both games are good in their own way.

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I looked at simairport’s website and I’m not convinced. (BT it looks worse, more like playmobil.)

What (beside “bad”) is your point?

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i will try to reply all of you in the same time:

I played 70 hours because I was always starting from beginning… I was always giving another chance, another chance, another… always same thing was happening: after couple of hours I am finding a game breaker bug… always! after 2 years still you can’t play this game without a game breaker bug… and I love this game but I love the concept… I am a tycoon addict.

SA is much much better than airport Ceo. and I am saying this only playing 2 days of SA. I will write just one thing: you can play SA hours and hours with a lot of content. actually airport Ceo started to create their game before SA, but SA did more great job than airport Ceo crew…

in the end, I am trying to say, I lost my faith to airport Ceo game and the game devs…
meanwhile I am compering airport Ceo with other early access games like prison architect or oxygen not included or even another brick in the mall (which is still on early access) and my verdict is airport Ceo is really disappointment…

Well developers, I for one cannot say this is my experience of your game, with every new release which come through constantly, I see the game developing in exactly the right direction.

Yes there is some distance to go but keep up the good work and implementing a highly realistic “tycoon” game.


You could not convince me.
What I understand is only: “Trust me, ACEO is bad, SA is better”, but you don’t say why.

it sounds more like an SM advertisement on the ACEO forum than a constructive assessment of the game.
ACEO has a lot of bugs but they are removed on a regular basis, often with the help of players. who nevertheless see how extensive the game is and want to participate in its further development. concluding, aceo is a much more interesting game than SM and one of the many advantages is that you can start this game many times and each time enjoy the game as if it was playing for the first time :grinning:


i love the game i have over 600 hours why do you not like it?

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same here, I’m at 664 hours, I took a break from it not to long ago and came back to even more amzingness!! Multiple floors, found out about customization/mods, texture changes, the 4 huge updates coming before Vanilla. It just keeps getting better and better each release! 70 hours is nothing. lol

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I got 60 hours in my 1st month


The fact that this game has a huge community support base is the best statement a game can make.

I know i only have 179 hours on the counter and i do not play this game every day, not even every week, but with every update i do get into the game and have a look. Once in a while i dabble on the internal branch (not all game have a free testing enviroment anyone can join).

I like the game and if you don’t just leave and don’t bother the rest of us. :wink:

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