Gap Filler [implemented]

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Gap Filler


Sometimes due to architectural requirements there becomes 1,2 or 3 tile width and useless empty areas accurs. There areas are useless as you can’t build rooms to be used efficiently or you cant just add couple of seatings and make them rest points. (maybe possible on 2,3 tile width but definitely not for 1 tile). In real life these dead spaces are used as electrical room, mechanical room or just a depot for cleaners or mechanics. Since these won’t be developed in current status of AirportCEO, I am suggesting this idea “Gap Filler”. Gap Filler suppose to constructable by contractors and shouldn’t make any pathfinding issues to other characters as game continues.

Why it should be implemented:

You cannot just go and place walls in these dead spaces. The reasons are;

  1. It looks ridiculous as you see inner edges of wall
  2. Contractors will always have problem to reach to middle tiles on construction and they create path finding errors. The only way to build these walls are disabling simulations on F10 menu.
  3. With further developments there will be more varieties of objects with more varieties of sizes. Elevator is one of them.
  4. Hedges may also be added to this feature.

Images, references or additional content:

Example of dead spaces:

Example of “Gap Filler” via photoshop

That actually looks pretty good, much better than all the squares! I like but I’m out of votes :frowning:




I like this idea, but for me At the moment I often use gaps to make big plant displays - more varied options would help make this look even better, but I guess we need to see what’s about to be dropped for us!
Instead if walls I’d use things that become dead space but are more visually appealing to the passengers/CEO

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Are you suggesting this as a separate item, or as a thing that the game will automatically do?

Are you suggesting this as a separate item, or as a thing that the game will automatically do?

Game will automatically do. For example when you connect 2 perpendicular walls you see automatically made corner. Similar thing.

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This has been implemented already, right? (sorry haven’t played the game in a while, but I heard this is on experimental currently)

Yes. And also for hedges.

Then it should be classified as implemented, and voting closed.

WOOHOOW another brilliant feature has been implemented. Kudos to Devos :sunglasses: