Gate connections

Hi there, relatively new to the game but been watching you tubers play it for a few years now.

Most of the content while maybe different in terms of how they manage airports or route baggage etc but Gate connection to the stands is just usually slapped next to the terminal and done.

I’m interested in seeing different ways people have done this, and how they have set it up as best as possible to segregate the Arrival passengers from the departing passages at the gate.

I do really like to try out new ways. So currently at my airports I use the following setups:

My International Terminal:
Left and Right a Large gate each with separation of arriving passengers.
In the middle the boarding of a Large remote gate with two bus stops.

On the ground level it looks like this:

My Remote Bus Terminal
To save space, the whole service is placed below the waiting area.

For the remote bus arrivals: The arrival stops are close to the immigration area.
Here an example from another airport where at the bottom you can see the stops for arrival only and the option to go up to the gates in case we would have connecting flights.

Here another layout of a bus terminal:

Here a terminal without passenger separation:
As very common in the Shengen area.

Sometime I put the bus arrivals also underground:
Here from an older airport:


Simply like to say, great design very inspiring I am sure to new players and some great ideas