Gate slots - auto-scheduler


Hi, fellow Airport CEO’s, I have been playing the Airport CEO from late 2017 and a thing that I noticed and is slightly bothering me is the fact that when I start off with a new airport I always have to choose the smaller vanilla airlines for the small gates. When transitioning to medium stands I always use airlines from mods to give me more realism. The problem I get is that the airlines providing me with small commercial flights now fill up my medium gates with vanilla airlines.

Therefore I would suggest adding slots which would mean that a specific airline has rights to a specific stand, ie. small/medium or a specific gate as airline x goes to gate 10, airline y goes to gate 12.

Slots are used in real life and airlines pay a lot of money to keep them. Assigning slots would give you more flexibility with assigning airlines to gates and not just separating them by size.

Any constructive comments are welcome.


I think they will implement this in the future. Not sure… Currently the devs are working on normal bug fixing as well as multifloor support. They are also working on more services such as catering so we’ll have to wait…


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