Gate Zones

Hello guys,

well I just had a thought because I was checking what pax do… so it came to me that it would be good and very helpful if we could make gate zones like we can make terminal zones…

why, well for few reasons

  1. could assign seating to the specific gate zone area, which would be prioritizes by pax, instead of using seating at the end of the terminal to just run to the gate when boarding happens. especially if you have glass enclosed gated areas.

  2. could be used to assign multiple air stands to same zone if it have 2 exists… for smaller airports where same zone can be utilized for few specific airlines

  3. can exclude pathing from pax coming out of other gates and would look less like a military academy and more like normal airport… and can separate pax coming out of planes form going through seated areas or hugging walls which happens a lot.

  4. can be used for future development thinking… eg. transportation for disabled… POST-check-in area where pax can check in and sit down but can’t roam the airport while waiting for flight etc…

  5. QUEs QUEs for gates please

In humility, I disagree for the need vs other things. The 5 issues you describe are pretty realistic portrayals of people behavior in airports that I have seen. There’s always some fool running down the terminal because they screwed up a time zone on their watch. People tend to wander to where they’re comfortable and sit down. in America, SWA is the only airline to use anything close to Qs. The rest are more like rough groupings where people sort of cluster into something like a line. If anything, create an “area” near boarding that people will gather instead of the current piling on they do.

I would say it’s the opposite in European airports, not all but a number of gates have a desk to check into the seating area, with these there are not normally any queues and just another desk at the gate door.

Where the above isn’t in place there is normally a number of queues depending on ticket type - it standard and then a fast track/members club one.

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It’s really fascinating when you explore what airports look like in different countries. Obviously, the programmers are from Sweden I think, people from Russia, China, Europe, and everywhere else. I could not find a single reason that someone would even consider making a jumbo jet remote stand… in the USA… never, unless you’re an NFL team walking into a private hangar. Then I see what the airports in Europe look like… well that’s a thing. At least now I know why remote stands were such a focus and headache for developers and players alike… I still rarely use them, except for emergency stand parking. All of my terminals are long rectangles. Jets park around them. Charles Degaul is about the most polar opposite of that in nearly every way. Wild.