GeforceNow Support

Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to see, what do you all think about GeforceNow Support for AirportCEO. It would really make it easier to create the really large and complicated airports, but I just wanted to see what you think.


  • Yes, I want GeforceNow!
  • No, I have a beast computer.
  • No, I like my potato.

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Hey @Olof, Is GeforceNow for AirportCeo possible, or impossible?

I could be wrong, but it’s my understanding that the way GeForceNow works there is no need to do anything with the game in order to have it supported

The problem is that indie, simulation, tycoon games are using mostly CPU power rather than GPU power. That’s why game gets lagged even with gaming PCs because they have high end GPU but also have low or medium end CPU.

Also umm… I think we get one developer’s answer :smiley:


As far as I understand how GeforceNow works, any game can be added to the platform, but the addition has to be initiated by the developer, not any random Joe Schmoe.

Right, although I believe you still have the option to download steam and install games from there that haven’t been officially added. I do agree with you though. It would be interesting to see what sort of performance improvements you could get

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I think we would have to be approahced by GeForce to make this a reality but… making the game un on whatever the GeForce platform looks like doesn’t sound like something we’d do in a heartbeat… :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I do have a beast work computer, otherwise I would never be able to load all those massive bug report airports you keep sending us! :joy:


Aw, I want one! All I have is my $200 potatoBook.

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I would second that. Most games are limited by CPU power or how workload is allocated.