Generic Logo Set - Custom Colours

Generic Logo Set - Custom Colours


I tend to stick entirely to the generic, default logo’s which are already quite varied. My idea is that how feasible is it, for their to be a colour mixer to set “Colour 1, Colour 2” for the logo (basing this suggestion of the solid colour logos, such as the blue aircraft on yellow background, or the purple/blue wing image.

Why it should be implemented:

Create a lot of customisation without seeking mod packs. Useful for plays new to the game and offer an unlimited variety of logo’s if a colour mixer is possible. If it is possible, it would be I think really quite popular without causing any complication, it would be there as an option. Can also associate the colours with the real world airports or airlines, also mod packs could work alongside this to provide generic logos with customisable colours.

Yes please! Maybe we could get a few more logos as well. The current ones are great but I think there’s room for some more.

Airport logos can be modded. That would also allow fictional logos.

I know, I do upload some myself. I am more thinking about at a more simple level to customise more directly, particularly for newer players :slight_smile:

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