German Translation Improvements

@Alexander will probably pass by this thread tomorrow and look through your valuable feedback! :sunglasses:


Some things that got into my eye:

  • UI low button description:
  1. Terminal -> this is o.k. Abfertigungshalle would be o.k. as well.
  2. Flugzeuginfrastruktur -> this is very clunky and I doubt us Germans would use that it is literally translated ‘infrastrukture of an airplane’. The correct term seems to be ‘Zuwegung’ and ‘luftseitiger Bereich’. The first is the term used to describe parking lots, bus stands etc. before the terminal and luftseitiger Bereich everything behind the Terminal. ‘Flughafeninfrastruktur’ would be o.k. as well.
  3. Infrastuktur und Transportierung -> simply: no. Transportierung is grammatically wrong and out ofd syntax. ‘Straßenbau und Nahverkehr’ is the term you are looking for.
  4. Gepäckbandsystem is o.k.
  5. Personal is o.k. ‘Flughafenpersonal’ would be more specific and nicer
  6. Sicherheit is o.k. - we also use the term security in Germany. If you plan to implement customs as well, this menu would be the right place to go and the designation ‘Security und Zoll’ would be appropriate.
  7. Toilette -> use the plural ‘Toiletten’ oder ‘Sanitäre Einrichtungen’ - the latter sounds more eloquent and expert-like.
  8. Geschäfte is o.k. ‘Ladenlokale’ could be an option.
  9. Restaurants und Cafés is o.k.
  10. Sitzplätze…is too vague. ‘Sitzgelegenheiten’ would be more precise. We would use Sitzplätze like ‘Das Stadion hat 40.000 Sitzplätze’ oder ‘Das Auto hat 5 Sitzplätze’ meaning seats. Various objects to sit on and at are called ‘seating’ and we Germans say ‘Sitzgelegenheiten’ or ‘Sitzmöbel’ to this.
    The other buttons are o.k. in the lower menu.

IN the UI menu:
Description Terminal:
Terminal-Fundament …yeah, this could work. Description is wonky. Better: ‘Du benötigst ein Fundament, um auf ihm andere Strukturen im Terminal zu errichten.’
Boden … use either plural ‘Böden’ oder ‘Fußböden’. Change ‘dein’ to ‘Dein’.
Variations: Backstein is not Backstein, but either ‘Fliesen’ or ‘Kacheln’ - the ceramic stuff you put into restrooms.
Türen: Description wonky: Better: ‘Durch Türen können sich Angestellte und Passagiere in andere Räume bewegen’ - but…everyone knows what a door does anyways…just sayin’
Fenster: There is a comma missing after second word and better to talk about windows in plural. Sounds better. ‘Ermöglichen es,…’
Personalbereich: Missing comma and ‘zu’ instead of ‘in’ at ‘Eine Zone, zu der nur…’
‘Essensraum’: Wrong word. We don’t have that. Call it ‘Gastronomiebereich’
‘Geschäftsraum’: Same here. Call it ‘Ladenbereich’

That is what I found before going to sleep. Hope this helps @Alexander


Awesome feedback. Will notify @Alexander of it tomorrow!

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Thank you so much for this! Most of your suggestions will be implemented with the next deployment :smiley:

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I plan to take a closer look at the other buttons later this evening. If my help is appreciated, I am glad to provide it. No completion guaranteed, but what I see and think is wrong - well, I can tell you.

Here we go:
UI submenu ‘Flugzeuginfrastruktur’ (remember: word is wrong) - ‘Infrastruktur für Flugbetrieb’ could be a good one as well:
kleine Landebahn … o.k.
Flugzeug-Standplatz…can work. The german wiki uses the term ‘Parkpositionen’. The word ‘Stand’ would probably work as well as the work is adopted into our language.
Rollfeld-Fundament…o.k. I would have done ‘Rollfeld: Fundament’ or ‘Fundamente für das Rollfeld’ but I guess this is in the eye of the Beholder
Rollfeldpfad … o.k.
Betonfeld …could work…although my stomach tells me something is odd about this one. Maybe ‘Betonierte Flächen’?
Treibstofflager … o.k. although I would mention that you cannot add fuel tanks to small depots in the description
Treibstofftank …o.k.
Cateringlager … basically o.k. although I believe we would rather not use that. If you would name the item ‘Bordverpflegung’ and alter the description to ‘Zu diesem Gebäude werden Zutaten per LKW geliefert und anschließend zu Mahlzeiten für hungrige Passagiere verarbeitet, bevor sie mit Catering-Trucks zu Flugzeugen gebracht werden. Diese müssen extra erworben werden. Das Gebäude benötigt sowohl eine Anbindung an eine öffentliche Straße als auch zu einer Versorgungsstrasse.’ Mind, that the word Dienststrasse does not exist in German unless it is a name for a road. The term ‘Versorgungsstrasse is correct’ as well as ‘Andienungsstrasse’ although that one is very seldom used outside specialist vocabulary in the field of traffic.
Enteisungsfläche …o.k.
Enteisungsmittellager …o.k.
Mülldeponie … I would call that ‘Entsorgungsdepot’. A Mülldeponie is a large garbage dump or sinkhole, so the word is wrong.
Flugverkehrskontrollturm … correct, but ‘Kontrollturm’ or ‘Tower’ is commonly used as well. Very official word you have chosen.
Wetterstation … Change description to ‘Sammelt Wetterdaten in der Umgebung Deines Flughafens. Aktiviert die Anzeige für Wetter im Dashboard’

This would be the second button including submenus in the lower UI. Hope I did not forget anything. Will do more, if time allows.

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Next menu: ‘Infrastruktur und Transportierung’ - mind to remove this wrong description.

Öffentliche Strasse … o.k.
Dienststrasse … The term you are looking for is ‘Versorgungsstrasse’ or ‘Andienungsstrasse’
Strassentunnel … 'Tunnel would be fine as well. There is probably a comma missing: ‘Ermöglicht es Fahrzeugen, …’ But I am not very sure about this one. A Germanist could tell you more about it. I studied chemistry, however. Maybe I’ll ask one of my colleagues at school.
Fussweg … o.k.
Fussgängerüberweg … Replace ‘Leute’ with ‘Personen’ - sounds more eloquent and professional. ‘Leute’ is informal talk.
Auftragsnehmer Ankunftsort … First the whole word is wrong. It would be ‘Haltestelle für Bauarbeiter’, The Description would have to be completely overhauled. My suggestion: ‘Ermöglicht es Bauarbeitern, den Flughafen mit Shuttlebussen zu erreichen und wieder zu verlassen. Benötigt eine Anbindung an eine öffentliche Strasse.’ Reason: Auftragsnehmer is the person signing the contract and probably owning the construction company. We mean his workers here instead, which are ‘Bauarbeiter’ in German.
Lieferort … Replace with ‘Ladezone’. Replace description with ‘Hier können Baumaterialien von LKWs angeliefert werden. Benötigt eine Anbindung an eine öffentliche Strasse.’
Fahrzeugkontrolle … Mind to replace the word ‘Dienststrasse’ with a better one in the description.
Fahrzeuglager … replace with ‘Fahrzeughalle’. Change Description to ‘Überdachte Stellplätze für bis zu 20 Fahrzeuge.’
Parkplatz für Einsatzfahrzeuge … The word Einsatzfahrzeuge is used for police cars and fire trucks so basically anything with blue flashing lights. Use ‘Servicefahrzeuge’ instead.
Dienstwagen-Haltestelle … ‘Haltebucht für Dienstwagen’ would be proper. Description 2nd sentence wonky. May use ‘Benötigt eine Anbindung an eine Versorgungsstrasse’.
Haltestelle für luftseitige Shuttlebusse … second sentence ‘Benötigt eine Anbindung an eine Versorgungsstrasse.’
Bushaltestelle … insert ‘…muss mit einer öffentlichen…’
Autohaltestelle … wrong word, we do not use that. Better ‘Haltebucht (PKW)’. Also insert ‘…muss mit einer öffentlichen…’
Taxi stop - lacks german translation. Have at you: item title ‘Taxistand’. Description: ‘Hier können Personen den Flughafen mit einem Taxi erreichen oder ihn wieder verlassen. Benötigt eine Anbindung zu einer öffentlichen Strasse.’
Bushäuschen …o.k. (hard to pronounce for non-germans :slight_smile: )
U-Bahn Eingang … better ‘U-Bahnstation’ oder ‘U-Bahnhaltestelle’. Description is o.k., though. U-Bahn Eingang could sound like the door of an actual subway train. Or the physical entrance of a subway station.

Will try to continue with the other buttons later. Good night :slight_smile: @Alexander


O.k. - here we go again:

UI - 4th button and submenus:
Gepäckbandsystem can also be called ‘Gepäckförderanlage’
Gepäckbandsystem - main menu still shows the word ‘Tilt Tray’, although you use the correct word ‘Kippschalen’ on the button submenu. Replace ‘Kippschalen’ with ‘Kippschalensorter’ - this is the official term.
Gepäckscanner (I) - replace ‘Inhalte’ with ‘Gepäckstücke’
Gepäckzerstörer - replace with ‘Gepäckvernichter’ or ‘Gepäckschredder’. The odd thing about is, that this seems to be a fantasy item. Usually illicit cargo will be seized and destroyed by customs. Description (suggested): ‘Wird dazu verwendet, Gepäckstücke mit illegalem Inhalt aus dem Verkehr zu ziehen.’
Gepäckverladestation - description wonky. Suggested: ‘An der Gepäckverladestation be- und entladen Deine Ramp Agents Schleppfahrzeuge für Gepäck mit Koffern und Rucksäcken.’ (The vehicles are called ‘Schleppfahrzeuge’ in German)

UI fifth button
It is called ‘Personal’ but this would imply we would manage employees there. The use of the term ‘Personalraum’ or ‘Personalaufenthaltsraum’ would be an exact description. Same for subpoint 3 there, which already is called ‘Personalraum’. For consistency’s sake you should relabel the main button to ‘Personalraum’ instead of ‘Personal’
Descriptions and everything else are correct.

6th button - Schalter
Informationsschalter: Description is o.k. You might insert the words ‘mit Personal’ -> ‘…können einen mit Personal besetzten…’ would work without as well. Just more exact and purely cosmetical change. Same with description of the Check-in Desk.
All other submenus here are correct AFAIK.

Something else that sprung into my eyes: When clicking on a stand while a plane is there one of the points (service round) is called ‘Dienstrunde’. This word is not used in German as far as I know - and I am German :wink: - we would use the word ‘Inspektion’. (When mechanics check for flaws and do very minor repairs or replace consumables)

Good night for today @Alexander


This is brilliant, extremely appreciated! Haven’t looked at everything yet, but will be done until next deployment! :smiley:

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I plan to check the other UI menus as well, if you like - time allowing. As we are expecting childbirth here, this could be disrupted out of the blue within the next days. But I will help with what I can. Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

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O.k. - 7th button - Sicherheit
Sicherheitsausgang - The word ‘Sicherheitsbereich’ must be written with a capital ‘S’ (Typo)
Other things there are correct.

8th button - Toilette … I would say either use the plural ‘Toiletten’ or the alternative ‘Sanitäre Einrichtungen’ with the latter sounding like a pro.
In the descriptions: Replace ‘Leuten’ with ‘Personen’. As told before, ‘Leute’ is a bit more informal.

9th button: including submenus flawless.

10th button - Essensraum …nope, we do not say that. Better: Gastronomiebereich’ or simply ‘Restaurant’.
We do not have ‘Essensschalter’ … we call that thing simply ‘Theke’
‘Display Kühlschrank’ … we call them ‘Kühltheken’
‘Schalter’ … nope, still a ‘Theke’ …maybe ‘Diverse Theken’. A ‘Schalter’ we use either for ‘switch’ or if we mean a desk where we can buy something like train tickets or do banking…with a clerk behind. If it sells food it is a ‘Theke’, if drinks are sold from the tap it is called a ‘Tresen’ or still ‘Theke’. I can totally understand, that ‘counter’ is not translated easily without knowing the context nuances.
The rest is correct.

11th button: Sitzplätze
Everything looks fine here although we might rather say ‘Gatesitzplätze’ because we do not do the thing with the ‘-’ to connect two words often in Germany. We also say ‘Flughafenbank’ to gate seatings.

12th button: Dekorationen
We do not say ‘Festtagsbaum’, but ‘Weihnachtsbaum’ - same for ‘Festtagsgirlanden’ … only ‘Weihnachtsgirlanden’ or 'Girlanden.
‘Strassenlicht’ … better is ‘Strassenbeleuchtung’. And change ‘schlecht’ to ‘schlicht’. There are no ‘bad’ lights (schlecht), but not very decorating (schlicht) ones. The rest is correct in my book.

Good night for today @Alexander

…or “Straßenlaternen”. Straßenlicht indeed doesn’t sound very good although not being wrong. :slight_smile: (Straßen with ß)

I do not know whether they include the ‘ß’ in the code, so I went with the ‘double-s’-version. You are German as well? Do you concur with my proposals?

Yes I’m German as well. Double-s can have quite a different meaning, so I hope they can use it - if it’s UTF-8 it should be no problem.

Most of your proposals seem spot on, some I wouldn’t use. I have to say I didn’t try the game in German, I can just judge from your posts here, so I might lack context every now and then.

“Flughafenbank” is a word I wouldn’t use for example, sounds more like a bank where you get money. I’d thus prefer “Gatesitzplätze” or (or rather “Sitzbänke” if it’s not for single seats).
“Theke” I think is good for the additional empty counters to place, while for the staffed counter I’d just use “Kasse” as it’s a self-service restaurant and those often simply use that word in reality. On the other hand, it has taps included, so Theke is still right in a way.
I generally wouldn’t use “Sanitäre Einrichtungen” although it’s a correct name, but I’d prefer to stay with the names how they are called on signs and normal passenger’s wording, because most players will only know airports as normal passengers and should find the words they’re used to. “Toiletten” is quite good I think, you’re right with the plural.

By the way I even learned something from you, “Kippschalensorter” is a word I didn’t know before. :slight_smile:

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To be frank - I found the original odd and had to look this up for myself. Same with Andienungsstraße or Versorgungsstraße for the ‘Dienststraße’. I mean, there are some streets in Germany litarally named like that…but as a ‘Oberbegriff’? Nope. You are correct with Flughafenbank…although I found that word on a page selling them. They were described as ‘Flughafenbank’/‘Flughafensitzplatz’. I wonder, if something like ‘Sitzreihe’ would not be more appropriate.

And I am confused…I mean a German talking to a German in English about which German words in a translation are good and which are not…confusing meta… :wink:


At least we make sure others can still understand what we’re talking about - I’d call it politeness in an English forum. :wink:

“Sitzreihe” is usually used for numbered rows, for example in airplanes or buses.

Public streets I’d simply call “Zufahrtsstraße” or “öffentliche Straße”, but there are several possibilities.
“Versorgungsstraße” would be okay for ways to the catering depot, but for just normal roads on the airside it sounds odd to me, although maybe officially being right. Fraport calls it “Fahrstraße” in its traffic rules for people working airside. But I’d also be fine with “luftseitige Straße” (which would work well together with “öffentliche Straße”).

I looked up a bit in wiki…Anliegerstrasse would match as well in a certain way. But I agree: ‘luftseitige Straße’ would be most correct. ‘Sitzreihe’ … well…it is a row of seats isn’t it?

Duden says: Reihe von Sitzen (z. B. in einem Saal, Fahrzeug o. Ä.). Does not need to be numbered in my book.

Very interesting discussion, thank you. Some of the problems in the translation are obvious mistakes, some require some discussion I guess… we’ll present a new tool soon for you to have more direct input into the quality of the translation.

All right so we are live on Localizor! The German section is available here, so now we have a platform for going through the quality of the agency’s German and you can either vote on it (if you want to) or submit your own proposals instead for a certain string.

We’ll of course however also keep an eye on further feedback here, although we’d from now on suggest that all additions are changed through Localizor! :sunglasses:


Wait, we have a DJ? I must have missed that one totally :partying_face:

Haha, that’s from the CV résumé generator… lol.

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