Gif keyboard support (phones)?


So I tried to put in a Southwest airlines gif, but my Android said that there was no gif support, but I can find gifs on my computer. On apple and Android phones, it has a gif “keyboard” with gifs from all over the internet. Will this be added?


Looks like it works well? No .gif keybord for Discourse is currently planned, there might be a plugin for it though but not really a prioritized feature right now I think.




(Seems like your image needs to be smaller than 2 MB)


Yeah, lol, reloading this page I see that my .gif is replaced with a 3072KB threshold notice. I guess I could increase that limit if we’d want to, we’re gonna move the forum over the coming months from my closet to a proper data center (lol) so I’d expect the forum and website speed to greatly improve after that has been done.