Glass other than a Wall


I think the developer need to add new airport foundation material other than wall and floor, i think glass would make the airport better and preetier :smiley:


It will coming :slight_smile:


As EG said it’s currently being tested! :slight_smile:



Looks great!


Beautiful, can we get a one wide window too?


The medium size window has one window only.


My bad, I mean a one block wide window. For offices etc where the small three wide, one window would be too big.


Maybe in the future :smiley: we have to start somewhere right :smiley: @Olof needed to make some changes to my model for it to work properly so I don’t want to bother him right now with another window :stuck_out_tongue:


@Jettuh Is there a difference, other than cosmetic, in the way you place the windows?


Uhm not really, you should be able to use it in both directions.

However when you have the window face outward, you still see the concrete floor instead of grass outside, if that’s fine, feel free to do so :smiley:

The windows are purely cosmetic and currently don’t do anything else (@Olof can you confirm that adding windows doesn’t currently make passengers happier? )


Yes, they are purely cosmetic. And the reason they are slightly tilted is to make it more obvious that they are indeed windows.


You can also place floor tiles below them as well to match what you currently have.