Grey Ocean


Hello Community,

i have make my first Airline Mod for Airport CEO :slight_smile:

U can found my Mod in the Steam Workshop.

Grey Ocean on Steam

-> DHC6
-> CRJ200

-> ATR42
-> ATR72
-> BAE146


The Airline is complet with all the Aircrafts. :slight_smile:

Have fun.

Greez from Vienna


Looks great :slight_smile:


Great design. Have you ever considered to make real airline liveries for ACEOMM? :wink:


I could do that, yes. Which one would be needed? ACEOMM is really great :slight_smile:


You can watch the tutorial of how to check already-made and not-made liveries, how to create liveries and how to send them.

Also here is the excel sheet:


Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the variables. Unfortunately, I have found nothing in the system.
What do these variables do, what are they all about?

“businessClass”: 3,

thank you for your help