Happy Birthday Fredrik 🍰


Fredrik’s been celebrating his 30th birthday today (:cake:)

Happy Birthday @Fredrik , I hope you celebrate many more birthdays with this community :wink:


Happy birthday :slight_smile: will there be a special birthday update where staff wear birthday hats rather than Christmas hats? :wink:


Thank you guys! :heart_eyes: I really hope so! @EG0611 :smiley:

No party hats but it is not a bad idea :slight_smile:


Grattis på din födelsedag! :cake::moon_cake::champagne::beers:

Happy birthday! Hope you have a nice day on this milestone day! :sunglasses:


Happy birthday :balloon::tada:


Happy birthday :smiley:


Stort grattis på den stora dagen!!
Community party @ Etage tonight?


Happy birthday!


Perhaps that could be implemented for the 2 year anniversary? :wink:




Happy birthday - many happy returns! :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday! :cake::clinking_glasses::tada:


Just remember “The cake is a lie” :cake:


FOR EACH year IN life
CALL live(friends, familiy, work, relax, holiday)
LOOP UNTIL age = 30
PRINT “Happy birthday”


Oh to be 30 again…Happy Birthday!