Happy Holidays!

Hey there team!

Me and @Fredrik would just like to take the opportunity and give you peeps hanging out here an extra happy holiday wish as we in Sweden (and in a lot of other countries) celebrate Christmas! We recently dropped this tweet…

… containing a .gif and we though that since we like you so much we’d give you the night version as well!

Some might say that the runway looks a bit small. They are correct, but Santa had an emergency delivery incoming and there was simply nothing to do! And yes, snow has now effectively been implemented and the precipitation perspective has been changed from side-to-side to top down. More on this tomorrow!

Happy Holidays and enjoy whatever break or weekend you still have. See you tomorrow!


Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

By the way, it would be a nice Easter (or more like Christmas) egg to get a contract offer from Santa in December for one cargo flight. :gift:

Hope everyone had a fantastic day yesterday - I know I certainly did!

And all the best for 2017 when it comes… hoping it’ll be a better year for the world. :slight_smile:

time to wait for new years.

Not to be a buzz kill… But remove the aircraft shadow at night… :slight_smile:

Woah…I didn’t notice that… Awesome observation!!

The moon was out! :wink:

There’s no post for the most recent devlog :frowning: