Have you ever seen a "Combi" aircraft?


By chance I found this video on Youtube.First time I see a Combi aircraft which carries both; passenger AND cargo.

Do you think ACEO would have such an airplane? :smiley:


Pretty interesting! I used to run a lot of combi flights when playing Pocket Planes… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I love that game. I used to do that as well :grin:


Can you guys add Fokker 100? / combi planes :wink:


They were quit common a few years ago. Airlines would then remove the seats in times passenger demand numbers where low and fly cargo with it. And revert back to seats if passenger demand went up. Nowadays they don’t do this anymore I believe. They still make cargo out of passenger aircraft though as airlines sometimes move there old aircraft to there cargo department.


Combi aircraft are still common, it depends on where you look for them. In the arctic Canadian region, combi aircraft are regularly used. A few years ago the mainstream airlines (like Northwest, KLM, EVA) also operated combi aircraft on their routes.