Have you ever seen a "Combi" aircraft?


By chance I found this video on Youtube.First time I see a Combi aircraft which carries both; passenger AND cargo.

Do you think ACEO would have such an airplane? :smiley:


Pretty interesting! I used to run a lot of combi flights when playing Pocket Planes… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I love that game. I used to do that as well :grin:


Can you guys add Fokker 100? / combi planes :wink:


They were quit common a few years ago. Airlines would then remove the seats in times passenger demand numbers where low and fly cargo with it. And revert back to seats if passenger demand went up. Nowadays they don’t do this anymore I believe. They still make cargo out of passenger aircraft though as airlines sometimes move there old aircraft to there cargo department.


Combi aircraft are still common, it depends on where you look for them. In the arctic Canadian region, combi aircraft are regularly used. A few years ago the mainstream airlines (like Northwest, KLM, EVA) also operated combi aircraft on their routes.


If I’m correct, Alaska airlines used to have a few. I wish they would bring them back.


They did indeed. I saw a few of them in Anchorage and Seattle before they got phased out.


KLM has quite a lot of combi 747’s


pastime, they are all (the ones still flying with klm are not combi as far as I know) send to the dessert now I believe or at least they are currently sending them there.

Edit: There are still combis in there fleet you are correct. :slight_smile:


I flew with a combi 747 from klm 2 years ago so thats how i knew


haha check. But all their 747 will be gone in 2020. That’s the plan so some are already gone


it would be cool to have these aircraft in the game. Although I think we could only see this aircraft on the remote stand


Wendover on YouTube just had a video about the northernmost city in Alaska and how they get these type of planes there since the pax count doesn’t justify a normal 737 and they also have no roads into the town so planes bring most goods.


I play that to!


Might be more common among military aircraft but I know the Dutch Air Force uses a single aircraft for passengers, cargo and refueling mid air.


They are really loud…


Together with Norway, Germany and Luxembourg, the Netherlands has ordered seven A330 MRTTs. This means the KDC-10 will be replaced by the end of this / next year. Belgium is also looking to get involved which will bring the total to 8 aircraft. They will be station on Eindhoven airbase.

It is also a multipurpose ‘‘combi’’ aircraft :slight_smile:


Yep… i ever saw one i think…


They currently have one from the RAF for training at Eindhoven, but I haven’t seen it in action yet.