Hello! And thank you for making such a wonderful game!


So glad I finally committed to buying this recently! I’ve been following development for a while (along with SimAirport and SkyHaven), after coming off of still playing Airport Tycoon all these years later, but, sadly, the game is really starting to show its age. While SimAirport seems to have more in the way of “game”, the fact that it’s, essentially, a clone of Prison Architect and a bit simplistic at that, turned me off fairly quickly. Heck, the passengers legs don’t even move as they walk!

But this game, each new feature added is solid, each piece added to the puzzle fits in-place and makes the game more complete as you go, rather than just building a bare-bones framework and filling it in later. And the game has definitely got the knack of, “Easy to learn, tough to master” down solid. It’s fairly straightforward plopping a grass runway down and getting something very basic started, but to actually make a profitable large airport, it requires a surprising amount of forethought (and that’s something I’m not good at).

Also, graphically, I think Airport CEO is the best of the three offerings by far, and visuals are something that that are incredibly important to me. I like how, despite it being a 2D game, each asset is actually 3D, and you get a real sense of place and scale from everything. And I cracked a huge grin when I first saw a plane taking off from my airport and realized the props actually spin! Small details, people!

So in summary, I just wanted to say “hi” to everybody on the forum here, thank the devs for continuing this niche of a niche that I absolutely love, and can’t wait to see what you all think up next. :slight_smile:


\0/ - Welcome :slight_smile: