Hello for all!

Hello Everyone!! :smile: :smile:

I have not played for several weeks and I cannot play it because my video card died and in my country a good card is very expensive these days and it will get worse in that sense. :cry:

Anyway I am starting to save money to buy a good video card one day. Patience.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, players, game designers, game administrators, game assistants, game musicians, coffee assistant for game assistants and say my good wishes that the game keep progressing and improving, listening to the players . :vulcan_salute:

I miss playing Airport CEO so much, one day I’ll be playing it again, most likely next year and by then it will be in full version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible that even though the game is in full version, it will still be maintained by the developers and designers so that it does not end up being abandoware? :thinking:

Better not to get ahead of the end, but I hope that very good news continues to come out with each update.

I miss the game very much, but I trust that I will see it again soon. :heartpulse:

I will continue reading them in silence, we write to each other here.

My biggest greetings for all! :+1: :vulcan_salute: :wave:


Sorry to hear about your situation and hope a new to you graphics card is not that far away.

I think the game will be very much maintained. I say this just from the prior experience the devs have shown. I suspect the modding community will also keep it very much alive.

Thank you for your kind words too.

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