HELP! Baggage Claim Issue


I’m currently building my airport and I’m having a problem with the baggage claim area. It says that “This baggage claim area can’t find a path to its connected baggage bay” even though all of my belts are in place correctly. Also, I tried to save and restart the game, but it wont fix it either. Please give a feedback, thank you!

could you post a picture, so we might see that’s wrong.

Here’s the pictures

On your first picture, all baggage will go straight down and no baggage will go to the right at the junction.

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Still it doesnt work

maybe you have more connections like this.

Nope, only one conveyor belt in the baggage claim. Because I was trying to get at least one claim area fixed

Try a right click on the new switch bit you just installed and make sure it’s set to “to destination”. Maybe it’s now in the “off” setting.

Yup, its in “to destination” but it still doesnt work

Is this a bug?

The belt node that is supposed to bring the baggage up is facing the wrong way. It’s not a bug it’s just a misplaced conveyor belt node.

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Perhaps the game doesn’t expect you to have baggage scanners on the way out so it can’t path through it. Save the game and try removing the scanners.

i swear there’s a backwards baggage ramp (i don’t know what else to call it), the entrance to it is on the other side

you can see it in this picture

and this one

Thats what im pointing out

ah, sorry didn’t see that