Help me game freeze

My Airport Ceo Has Freeze in Loading screen cant load the game the bar says preparing businesses and mods can i handle the problem?

Hi, are you using any mods? It sounds like a mod failed to load. Try disabling them and try again.

i had the same problem, try loading the mods one at a time, when it won’t load, there’s your problem mod. when you find it, which one is it?

I shocked when version of the games is older version

I have the very same problem. It does seem mod related but not because they are faulty. When I exit the game once it gets stuck while loading, I just disable any mod and it will load normally after that. The next time I’m trying to load the save game it does get stuck again. Strangly however, enabling the very same mod that I deactivated before solves the problem as well and the game loads fine with all mods enabled.

Sounds strange, perhaps something that @Alexander could have insight into (per the conversation we had last week).

now i update it into alpha 33
but still stuck

so mods i dont have

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