Help out translating Airport CEO!

Hi everyone!

With the new Big Bird update there has been 86 new lines entered in the system :smiley: Exciting stuff, e.g. “Long-term parking fee”, “Allow medium aircraft on large stand”, “Aircraft size specific takeoff position” and “Bar stool” :open_mouth:

Because of this, we need your assistance translating the new entries and there are now more coins to earn over at! We hope you’re up for the challenge!

As Alpha 33 (which required a lot of dev-time and attention) is now released, we are in the works of finding out how we best introduce all the new translations, since some languages hasn’t been 100% verified yet.

Have a great weekend and get those big birds to the skies! :airplane:


Is there any chance that the Italian language will be implemented in the game in next update? It is currently 50% confirmed and 89 %suggested.
I am doing hard work to try to correctly translate the Italian language. I wanted to know if there is a possibility that it will soon be introduced into the game as it has been done for other languages, or must it necessarily reach 100%?

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No, it must not reach 100% verification. The other languages we’ve added has had at least 60% verification which we’re fine with getting out and testing on an early access basis (and then ourselves perform fixes on any reported mistakes plus upgrading to more verified version we pull out of Localizor).

The text of Alpha 34 sent everything back a bit since there’s so much text content in this update (over 15 percent of the entire text content in the game) but after this update there’s not going to be so much text added moving forward.

Hi everyone!
As Olof said above with the Alpha 34 release we have plenty of new lines of text to translate! Mainly, they include:

  • Airport rating categories, descriptions and emails.
  • R&D project names and descriptions
  • Business descriptions (!)(Most fun maybe! :smiley: )

As always, we appreciate all the help we can get (and have gotten!) over at :heart_eyes:

Also, a big shout out to @frankieorabona who’s taking command on the translation to Italian (89.6%) and Poland with a submission number at 90%!

:uk: :us: :brazil: :fr: :de: :hungary: :it: :jp: :kr: :ru: :cn: :es: :tr: :denmark: :finland: :netherlands: :poland: :croatia: :romania: :czech_republic: :norway: :thailand: :portugal: :greece: :indonesia: :sweden: (all languages available at Localizor today for ACEO!)


Wait a minute… :open_mouth:

EDIT: @Alexander I feel like I am translating same things again and again, is there a problem with Localizor or there are multiple same things to be translated.


Sometimes there will be minor changes (recognized as new line of text to an already existing key) which has to be reviewed.

Sometimes we might add a similar line of text to one that already exist to a new key which has to be entered.

Maybe those examples above make it feel like it!

Very rarely (if at all) we add the exakt same text again with a new key (in-house system should notice that). Also, from what I have seen from the updates in Localizor, it seems to be pretty good at noticing only changes and completely new keys.

If you have an example please provide it and I will look into it :slight_smile:


These keys are incorrect and therefore do not appear in the game (in any language):

rating.key.current-secuirty (security)
rating.key.current-secuirty-desc (security)

Of course, even translating them does not appear because the game probably does not find the correct key

Should we change English bussines or founder names by Spanish ones? i.e. Henry Woods (English name) by Javier López (Spanish name)

For German, I always keep the names, also all company names. Otherwise there’s always the risk of inconsistency somewhere.

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As @Gerwanese states, names should be kept in their original form.


For German language: please differentiate between ‘economy’ and ‘economy class’ if you might use a key for that word. You cannot translate the word economy properly without different contexts in German.

P.S.: original US business-description.key.zoom contains a typo. It is ‘Zoom Airways’, not ‘Zoom! Airays’ :wink:

Also, localizor does not let me submit my translation. Reloading page does not help. Suggested German translation:

‘Zoom! Airways bringt Dich schneller ans Ziel. Zoom! ist stolz darauf, dem Kunden eine Wahl zu lassen - ohne Umschweife und zu niedrigem Preis. Von der sparsamen Familie bis hin zum luxusgewohnten, jet-settenden Vorstandsvorsitzenden - bei uns kann sich jedermann sein Flugticket für sein Budget maßschneidern!’


Could some explain this expression in English? " height of luxury". i.e. The height of luxury is often used to describe Bélanger’s.
Just to find a good approximation in my language

Thanks in advance

Maybe they wanted to say ‘Pinnacle of luxory’ or ‘peak’ - like in :highest part of a mountain. Superlative.

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That’s what it is - just an alternative superlative for luxury (e.g the most luxorious)

We got a pretty neat feature in the latest Localizor update (0.12): A terminology list!

This is actually an update because of our awesome community, and a feature, I think, important to any game in translation to keep language consistent. This will certainly help translating in the future!

Great job everyone! :star_struck:


Could the devs look into adding Slovenian? I don’t know how big the community is but I also want to hear the initial opinions from the devs.

I couldn’t find how to add terminology list for each language can you show us @Alexander :roll_eyes:

Terminology can only added by the owner (devs) or moderators.
If you’re moderator of a language, on the top left besides “Documentation” you’ll find a new “Terms” button.

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Yeah I can click that but I can’t add anything. Looks like I don’t have permission to do it.

@DocDesastro @ls4a535 Thanks!!!