Highlight who is offering new flights

Currently when one of more airlines offers new flights, you get an indication (green circle on the flight planner button). However when you open the flight planner you don’t see which airlines are offering new flights (just the total number of flights each is offering).

If you are in a situation where you are looking for flights of a particular size and are waiting for new offers (because you still have unallocated time on stand for that size), simply knowing how many flights each airline is currently offering doesn’t help (no indication that any are new offers).

I know the new offers might not be for the right size but it would be a lot more convenient to only have to check with those airlines that actually have new offers.

To do that there should be some visual indication as to who is offering those flights.
Could simply use (but doesn’t have to be) the same green circle that is used on the flight planner button on top each logo for any airline that has a new flight offer.

I wish the currently displayed number of offered flights would include also the number of filtered flights.
I always have to open the airline offers to find that they offer no flights of the filtered size.

Yup, when you choose to not use the automatic planner (which I don’t use 95% of time), the most of time spent in game is for finding where newly offered flights appeared, almost each time you see the indication mark at bottom left. It can take a few hours of browsing the flight planner and just a few minutes of actual playing the game when you subscribed airlines from workshop.

There was an idea about more detailed sorting and filtering posted some time ago which would somehow solve the problem for me, as I’m usually picking only the flights which are above some price. However indicating which airline added new flights would speed up browsing the flight planner, too.

Vote for it here: UI: suggesting additions for flight planner

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Ideally I too like an indication of the flight sizes before opening the offers for that airline. I’d suggested it this way because it seems easier (to me at least) on a graphics level to simply add that green circles as appropriate and you would at least know which airlines you need to check the offers for.

IMHO these threads should be merged…

I think that’s a good idea and included @dneibig’s proposal into mine, hope that is okay?