Highway and Multiple Road Entries and Exits

Feature request title:

Multiple Road entries and exits


Currently there’s only one main road entry and all road vehicles enter/leave the airport via the main road,

Why it should be implemented:

When too many vehicles are spawned, it would lead to severe traffic jam easily and when that happens, you only want to quit the game.

Images, references or additional content:

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I find this a very interesting idea, I will supplement it with 2 images that could be applied to the game:


Nice pictures, maybe players can build them by themselves and there will be a highway system around airport :smiley:

These junctions can be a “prefab” (pre-builded item like how security stations are) and all player has to do will be connecting prefabs with roads. Maybe a “T junction” “X junction” prefabs with traffic lights can also be added.


From what I’ve seen this is something that has been asked for in several places. And it is logical that a small entrance road is not enough and there are traffic jams. Do your airports have traffic jams too? Do you see this measure as urgent or as something unnecessary?

It was mentioned yesterday by Olof that the small entrance tunnel is going to be addressed during beta.

Since the newest patches traffic got much more, so a better solution is required. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification