HKT: Building An Extra-Large Airport

I’ve been having the game for a couple months and think it’ll be beneficial to share the airport I’m building So that I can receive more advice on optimizing my airport.

Hong Kong Sha Tin Internation Airport (HKT)

I chose to build this airport in Hong Kong because all the flights will be international (to be serious: taking flights to other parts of China as “international”) for easier zoning. Sha Tin is pretty much where I’m more familiar with in HK so I just name the airport after it.

I modified the map size and now it’s 1400x1400. (not recommended) And the airport now has 70+ stands, all median or large, with T1(38 stands, needs detailing) and T2(34+ stands, under construction). With the future planning of T3, the airport will eventually reach 100+ stands. Apart from stands, it’ll also have 4 runways (technically 8 runways, I connected 2 large runways into an even larger runway to match the length in real life and more importantly improve take-off efficiency). I do it in sandbox mode and my only goal is to keep this airport working without any delay of flights. (Yes but taxing to stand takes more than an hour in game :rofl:)

For T1 I have a regular design but it seems the central area gets too large and it’s quite empty now. For T2, it’s my first time trying to shape the terminal and it doesn’t look very successful.

T1 when under construction

Had too many car stops (similar layout at -1F) and now removed half of them

And vehicles are having trouble leaving the airport

T2 1F, under construction

T2 2F, under construction

For future:

  • Finish construction of T2
  • Detail T1 & T2 (I don’t even build a lounge at the time).
  • Build T3 to reach 100+ median/large stands! It all depends on whether my PC can launch this save after finishing T1 & T2. It’s already been pretty slow loading my current save.

Finally still want to say thank you all devs for making this amazing game! And hopefully I’ll keep updating this aiport (which means I can still open it).

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That’s INCREDIBLE! Makes my airport look like crap! lol

I like the way you composed medium stands next to big ones on the satellites. :slight_smile:

That’s INCREDIBLE! Makes my airport look like crap! lol

I’m more of a giant rectangles, trapped inside the box kind of airport designer… I don’t much care for bland “vanilla” ice cream, but my wife and kids give me all sorts of crap about my bland “chocolate” icecream.

It looks really interesting for sure.

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please don’t say that : ) everyone has a unique style of design. A great airport doesn’t depend on the size

When it’s too large

or even worse

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Add some details:

T1 -1F: to transits and walkway to T2

T1 0F: Arrival passport control, Baggage claim, and Exit.

T1 1F: Main level. Unfortunately my PC doesn’t allow me to do more detailing.

T1 2F: Departure level.

T2 layout would come out later.

I love that you’re up against the blue edge of death there. An obstacle that we have when making huge terminals and tightly packed runway locations is the loss of the physical space for airplane lining up. As it happens in your pics above, they start to back up everywhere and it’s no different than if they sat in the stand waiting.

Your wallet will hurt when an oil Crisis hits, 6 extra storage :smiley:

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