How can I change the Airline routes (domestic or international)?

now I am playing the game with realistic international mode and run with some realistic airlines. but a strange thing occurred, some foreign airlines execute the domestic route. for example, my airport is located in Australia, and I’ve subscribed some foreign airlines like Japan Airline, Cathay Pacific, British Airline etc. and they execute the routes like Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Brisbane…(domestic routes). so are there any tools to edit the airline setting? (determine which ones are only for domestic or international or both)

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thanks for your answer, but I actually mean I wanna realistic routes for the airlines. like Japanese airlines provide some flights from Japan or to Japan. China airlines provide some flights from China or to China. my airport is located in Sydney, now the problem is like China airlines provide some flights to/from other places out of China or they provide some domestic routes in Australia. that looks strange, isn’t it?

The current destinations are completely random and modded airlines don’t have a home country yet. This function is not yet implemented. We can set a country code but it’s not sure if and when the devs will add a use for that code.

The good thing is that you are now the 3rd person asking a similar question within one weekend. May that gives some attention. :slight_smile:

And here a feature voting for more features like that

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HAHA, I thought this is two of the weakness in this game, one is the thing that I said, another one is the performance, I can’t create a huge airport(high FPS) on my 2017’s desktop, otherwise, this is a wonderful perfect similar game